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Punk Rock Money – The List




Google Sheet of over 260 (and growing) expenses to help you be able to plan for “surprises” in your finances!

Have you ever had a “surprise” expense come “out of thin air” and derail your financial plans. I’m talking passport renewals, girl scout cookie season, CEU credits you have to do every 3 years… Fall fairs, apple picking, teacher gifts, season tickets, ski passes, your Amazon Prime renewal, annual credit card fees, instrument tuning, your CPR certification… How are you supposed to remember all these things?? In the past, I’ve had to tell people that the first YEAR (or longer) of trying to get their financial shit together can be rough trying to roll with the punches. I’d wager that 99% of “surprise” expenses aren’t actually surprises but without a cheat sheet to get your brain noodling, they can TOTALLY be out of sight out of mind.

The List will help you no matter what kind of budgeting system you use! YNAB/You Need A Budget is what I recommend, but you can use Every Dollar, Mint, Cash Envelopes, a spreadsheet, or paper. Even if you don’t have a “system” and are winging it in your head or using your bank balance to make spending decisions – The List will help you get a much better idea of what your finances really look like.

Since this is the first product we’re releasing here at Punk Rock Money, we’re offering a hugely discounted “Punk Rockers” price of $10 to all of the amazing people that are helping us soft launch and test the process! You will get instant access as well as all updates for as long as we’re offering The List at no additional cost.

Because this is a digitally and instantly delivered product, we won’t be able to offer refunds but if you feel that there is something lacking in the product or purchasing process PLEASE reach out so we can improve it! PLEASE NOTE: Upon purchase you will receive access to a PDF with the instructions on how to access the Google sheet and sign up for update notifications.


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