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Learn how to go from “I make too much money to be this broke” to a “fully funded” life beyond the paycheck to paycheck cycle without guilt, shame, or living on ramen noodles.

Is there too much month left at the end of the money?

I *hear* you. You KNOW that you make enough money to cover what you need to survive plus have some breathing room, but it’s just not happening. You rely on credit cards or pull up your banking app to look at your checking account balance before making a financial decision (well, sometimes). You feel like you’re just not good with money or no one ever taught you, or have impulsivity issues (ADHD, anyone?) and why is adulting just so hard!?

You may have even tried budgeting before, but it didn’t stick or you were able to track your spending but never got to the point where you were making a plan for your money. Or couldn’t stick to the plan if you made one. Or things were going fine until (insert emergency) happened to throw you off track.

Deep Breath.


Iโ€™m Kacy

In 2014, I had been in the accounting field for almost 20 years but had no idea how to budget or manage my personal finances. I was a newly-single mom of two toddlers who qualified for food stamps relying on the support of my family to survive. Shame and guilt were a constant companion. Now? My husband and I own our own home, and were able to cash flow a whole-house paint job, brand new roof and brand new driveway (roughly $13,000 of improvements) within a single year.

We aren’t “perfect”. We are still paying off consumer debt. We haven’t figured out how we’re going to pay for retirement yet. I have ADHD and we both struggle with occasional impulsive spending issues. I still have days where shame and guilt creep their way in. In short? We have more work to do – but the life we are living now seemed flat out impossible and I pinch myself regularly not able to believe it’s real.

I will *never* say “If I can do it, so can you” – there are so many reasons your situation could be different than mine or you have a ton of roadblocks I didn’t have. But – no matter where you are starting, you can make progress towards a life you didn’t think was possible.

What I Do

Get your financial ish in order


Set your kids up for financial success


Support, Accountability and Butt Kicking



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